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You’ll probably require an Allen wrench to remove particular pieces from a Moen faucet in your home’s kitchen or bathroom. For a short instruction on the type of Allen wrench suitable for this job, read the article till the end and find out what size Allen wrench for Moen shower handle. Regardless of why you need to disassemble a faucet in your house, we are here to assist you.

For the Moen faucet or shower handle, a 7/64-inch Allen key is advised. Your repair project will be much easier to complete if you select the correct size of the Allen key.

An Allen key might be useful when tightening the handle bolts on the Moen faucet. For thorough information on the size of Allen keys required for a Moen faucet or shower handle, continue reading.

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What Size Allen Wrench Do Moen Faucets Require?

Allen wrench is another name for an Allen key. It frequently comes in a variety of sizes, designs, and materials. You will, however, locate the kind that best suits your work; that much is certain. Consumers can generally resort to size charts provided by brands that produce Allen keys. Simply go online and look up the product packing. It is usually a good idea to conduct research to ensure the Allen key size is right for the project you want to work on.

Why it is necessary to choose the right Allen key for faucets

When working on a Moen faucet or shower handle, it is recommended to use the appropriate size of Allen key. Making use of the right size has several advantages.

Your productivity is impacted by using the proper size Allen key for the Moen faucet. Additionally, it makes the replacement or repair process quicker and more effective. Making blunders and errors is less likely when using the proper size Allen key. Using the correct size of tools also makes it easier to do your assignment. You can become frustrated as a result and be unable to complete the task.

Are the Allen and Hex wrenches interchangeable?

Hex wrench and Allen wrench are words that can be used interchangeably. A hex key is another name for an Allen key or Allen wrench. It is a compact device with a hexagonal socket for driving nuts and screws. These tools come in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of purposes. An adequately sized hex wrench is required to fix a faucet. The tip has the same hexagonal form for all sizes. You must select the right wrench size for the job, whether you need to inspect the valve body’s cartridge or look for rust within the faucet.

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Allen wrench for Meon faucet handle:

Continue reading if the handle on your Moen faucet is loose and you are unsure of the size of the Allen wrench needed to tighten it.

To tighten a new faucet, you’ll need an Allen wrench. What size is the Allen wrench required, though?

There are several models of Moen faucets, and each one needs a certain size Allen wrench to be tightened.

The handle of your Moen faucet will either indicate “Moen single handle” or “Moen two handle,” depending on its design and size.

Most Allen wrenches are produced in metric or conventional sizes.

If your Allen wrench does not have a proper size imprint, it is presumably a decimal, lowest, or specially designed wrench. Standard sizes are often marked on the wrench.

How to find the right Allen wrench size

The right Moen Allen wrench size may be found via various methods.

To determine the appropriate size, you can look at the metric specifications on the wrench box and measure the width and thickness of the Allen wrench’s head.

The size of the Allen wrench you wish to purchase may be compared to your selections to identify the suitable size.

For instance, measure the inside of the handle to determine whether the Allen wrench you are considering has a handle that is broad enough to function on your wrenches.

A 7/64 Allen wrench may often remove the handle set screw from a Moen wrench. The handle connector is then removed using a Phillips screwdriver.

Moen Renzo faucets also need a 7/64-inch Allen wrench for removal or repair.

Additionally, 7/64-inch Allen wrenches tighten the handle screws on all Moen single-handle kitchen faucets.

To remove the PosiTemp switch, Moen showers utilize to regulate water temperature and stream, use a comparable Allen wrench.


  • What size screw goes into a Moen shower handle?

The Moen screw has a diameter of #8-32 (5/32″), whereas the Delta screw has a dimension of #10-24 (3/16″). You can keep a consistent tub trim appearance by using this kit.

  • How can a Moen faucet handle be loosened?

To remove the handle, a screw on the rear of some Moen faucet handles must be loosened. A 3/32″ hex wrench is required to remove this screw. After removing the handle, raise and spin the spout by rotating the collar nut on the spout anticlockwise.

  • Why is it so difficult to turn the Moen shower handle?

This is typically brought on by mineral accumulation, silt or debris in the cartridge, or a broken seal inside the cartridge, among other things. If the handle is loose, it may not have been placed correctly, or the handle mechanism may have a problem.


There are several useful sizes available for an Allen wrench. When repairing a Moen faucet, the variety of sizes might also be bewildering.

There are a few ways to choose the type of Allen wrench you need for a project.

The width of the screw determines the exact dimensions of hex wrenches. You must pay close attention to this while selecting the ideal Moen Allen wrench size.

Although hex keys and Allen wrenches seem to be adequately durable, using one of the wrong sizes on an attaching screw head may cause damage.

Unquestionably, the smaller Allen wrench may strip a hex bolt or become stripped down.

The size of the majority of Allen wrenches stepped on the tiny, precise device.

The inch or millimeter size may have become more prominent with the use or may just be too small even to consider seeing through.

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