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If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, a touch kitchen faucet is an excellent choice. Touch kitchen faucets combine convenience, style, and technology, making them a perfect addition to modern kitchens. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the 10 best touch kitchen faucets available on the market, helping you choose the perfect faucet to meet your needs. We’ll also highlight features such as pull-down sprayers and high-end design options to ensure you find the best high-end kitchen faucets for your space.

Quick Summary

  • Delta Faucet Leland: Overall, it is the best with advanced touch technology.
  • Moen Arbor Motionsense: Ideal for hands-free operation.
  • Kohler Sensate: High-end option with precision motion sensors.
  • Pfister Stellen: Sleek design with reliable touch functionality.
  • Grohe LadyLux: Best for luxury kitchens with a pull-down sprayer.
  • American Standard Beale: Affordable and efficient touch technology.
  • Kraus Bolden: Best for modern kitchens with a commercial-style sprayer.
  • BioBidet Flow: Eco-friendly choice with touch and motion sensors.
  • Delta Trinsic: Minimalist design with efficient touch activation.
  • Blanco Solenta: Best for professional kitchens with durable construction.


Touch kitchen faucets have revolutionized the way we use our kitchen sinks. With a touch anywhere on the spout or handle, you can easily turn the water on and off, making kitchen tasks more efficient and hygienic. This guide explores the top 10 touch kitchen faucets, ensuring you find a model that combines aesthetics, functionality, and advanced features such as pull-down sprayers. Whether you’re searching for the best high-end kitchen faucets or an affordable yet reliable option, we’ve got you covered.

Delta Faucet Leland


The Delta Faucet Leland is often considered the best overall touch kitchen faucet. It combines classic design with advanced Touch2O technology, which allows you to use the faucet with a simple touch. The pull-down sprayer with MagnaTite Docking ensures the sprayer stays in place, providing ease of use and flexibility. The Diamond Seal Technology guarantees a long-lasting, leak-free experience.

  • Touch2O Technology: It allows users to start & stop the flow of water with just a simple touch on the spout or handle.
  • MagnaTite Docking: Keeps the pull-down sprayer securely in place.
  • Diamond Seal Technology: Ensures leak-free operation.

Moen Arbor Motionsense


The Moen Arbor Motionsense is perfect for those who prioritize hands-free functionality. The dual sensors allow for a truly touchless experience, making it one of the best high-end kitchen faucets. The Power Clean Spray Technology ensures efficient cleaning, while the Spot Resist Stainless Finish keeps the faucet looking pristine.

Kohler Sensate


  • Response Technology: Precise motion sensor for reliable activation.
  • Sweep Spray: Powerful spray for superior cleaning.
  • ProMotion Technology: Tangle-free hose for increased flexibility.

The Kohler Sensate stands out for its high-end design and precision motion sensors. The Response Technology offers a near-instantaneous response to hand movements, making it one of the most advanced touch kitchen faucets. The Sweep

Spray and ProMotion Technology enhances the functionality, making it ideal for everyday and heavy-duty kitchen tasks.


  • AccuDock Technology: Ensures secure docking of the pull-down sprayer.
  • SmartTouch: Activates water flow by touching the faucet body or handle.
  • Forward-Only Handle: Prevents interference with backsplash.

The Pfister Stellen combines sleek, modern aesthetics with reliable touch technology. The AccuDock system ensures the pull-down sprayer is securely held, while the SmartTouch feature allows you to control the water flow effortlessly. The forward-only handle design is particularly useful for kitchens with limited space behind the faucet.


  • Foot Control Technology: Allows for touch-free operation using a foot pedal.
  • Dual Spray Function: Switches between regular flow and spray.
  • StarLight Finish: Resists tarnishing and maintains a pristine look.

The Grohe LadyLux is a top contender for those seeking a luxury touch. The innovative Foot Control Technology lets you operate the faucet hands-free by tapping a foot pedal, which is perfect for busy kitchens. The dual spray function provides versatility, and the StarLight finish ensures the faucet remains beautiful and scratch-free.


  • Selectronic Hands-Free Technology: Advanced sensor for touchless operation.
  • Re-Trax System: Ensures smooth and easy retraction of the spray head.
  • Ceramic Disc Valve: Provides durable and reliable performance.

The American Standard Beale offers a combination of affordability and advanced features. The Selectronic hands-free technology enables easy operation without touching the faucet, while the Re-Trax system ensures the pull-down sprayer retracts smoothly. The ceramic disc valve enhances the faucet’s durability, making it a great investment for any kitchen.

Kraus Bolden


  • Commercial-Style Design: High-arc spout with an industrial look.
  • Dual Function Spray Head: Switches between stream and spray.
  • Touch-Activated: Easy activation with a light touch on the spout.

The Kraus Bolden is perfect for modern kitchens seeking a commercial-style faucet. The high-arc spout and dual-function spray head provide both style and functionality. The touch-activated feature allows for easy water flow control, making it an excellent choice for those looking to add a professional touch to their kitchen.


  • Eco-Friendly Design: Reduces water consumption without compromising performance.
  • Touch and Motion Sensors: Provides both touch and motion-activated operation.
  • SmartLatch Retraction: Ensures smooth retraction of the spray head.

The BioBidet Flow is an eco-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice performance. It features touch and motion sensors for versatile operation, making it convenient and efficient. The SmartLatch retraction system ensures the spray head retracts smoothly and stays in place, enhancing the faucet’s overall usability.


  • Touch2O Technology: Allows activation with a simple touch anywhere on the spout or handle.
  • ShieldSpray Technology: Provides a powerful stream with less splatter.
  • MagnaTite Docking: Keeps the pull-down sprayer securely in place.

The Delta Trinsic is a minimalist faucet with efficient touch activation. The Touch2O technology ensures easy operation, while the ShieldSpray technology offers a powerful, targeted stream that minimizes splatter. The MagnaTite docking system secures the pull-down sprayer, making it a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen.


  • Sensor-Controlled Technology: Provides touchless operation with a motion sensor.
  • Durable Construction: Its made from high-quality materials for long-lasting benefit.
  • Flexible Hose: Increases maneuverability and reach in the kitchen.

The Blanco Solenta combines durability with advanced sensor-controlled technology for professional kitchens. The motion sensor allows touchless operation, while the flexible hose enhances maneuverability.


Choosing the right touch kitchen faucet can transform your kitchen, providing both functionality and style. The 10 faucets listed above offer a range of features, from advanced touch and motion sensors to durable construction and high-end designs. Whether you’re looking for the best high-end kitchen faucets or an eco-friendly option, there’s a touch kitchen faucet to meet your needs. 

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