How To Identify Delta Shower Faucet Model

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How to identify the delta shower faucet model

Why is it necessary to recognize a Delta shower faucet? All faucets, whether new or vintage versions retain the Delta name. When you need to repair a component of your faucet, it is crucial to know how to recognize a Delta shower faucet. You know, there are several Delta shower faucets, each of which differs from the others in terms of characteristics. Your device may thus be an anti-scald system or a specialized handle. Knowing exactly what model you have on hand makes it easier to replace components since you are prepared to seek them. Below we will suggest how to identify delta shower faucet model.

Identifying The Product Code from, Packaging, Instructions, And Manual:

The placement of the faucet model number is not on the actual faucet. Both the instruction manual and the package contain it. Most people don’t preserve that type of information; if they do, it’s hidden in a drawer behind a mountain of other manuals.

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If you can’t locate the box or manual, you might be able to use Google or other internet resources to identify your model number. By describing them on their website, one may see pictures of several models. Use the Find Support Information section to locate your product in the Customer Support Section.

How To Find Your Delta Faucet’s Model Number Online

The label on the package you receive when you buy a Delta faucet often has the model number. Write down your model number on your warranty card if you still have the box for future use.

If you lose the box, it won’t be a problem. On the Delta faucet webpage, you can search for the identical model.

To navigate and search for your Delta faucet model number, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website of the relevant faucets and click on the services and parts menu.
  • Select “Find components and identify your items” from the menu.
  • Select the category to which your product belongs below (E.g., Delta faucet in the kitchen).
  • The “View Matching Products” menu may be found by scrolling down to the bottom right of the screen after receiving your product’s particular identity. This will display every product component and the model number on each one.

Your Model Is Older?

If you have an older model, you won’t be able to discover it on Delta’s product tool because the items only go back a few years. You must thus do an internet search if your shower faucet is older than 25 years.

Older Delta faucets are now sold under the Brizo name. All Delta Plus products were renamed Brizo by Delta Select in 2004. Although Delta Faucet Company still owns the business, they are made for more selective clients.

Visit the Brizo website to discover a Delta Plus model, for example. Most Delta shower faucets still retain their name on the drain cap or plate, even if they have been renamed. The name MASCO may also be printed on older versions.

You might wish to get in touch with Brizo’s customer care because their website doesn’t go back very far either. It’s probably simpler to Google it, though.

Best way to find the delta shower faucet model online

Step 1: Go to the website for Delta Faucet

Go to the “Service & Parts” tab on the main menu after gaining access to the official Delta website

To go to the “Troubleshoot your product” section, scroll down a little. From this point on, the Delta helpful wizard tool will carefully walk you through the remaining steps.

Step 2: Explain the characteristics of your faucet.

Click on the image in the first stage, “Room,” to specify whether your item is a kitchen or bathroom fixture. Continue to provide clarification by clicking on the images.

Make sure you answer each of the eight questions to focus your search. Why? Because in addition to the other plumbing fittings, Delta Faucet offers more than 1000 different kitchen faucet styles. Without a little filtration, there’s no way you want to search through that chaos for yours.

Simply scroll up or down and click on that question again to submit your response. You missed a question if you accidentally clicked on it or if your internet connection was playing up. Be patient, as the page needs to load each option you select.

Always remember that you will start over again if you refresh or reload the page. Therefore do not reload or refresh the page; otherwise, all your effort in searching for the model number will go in vain.

The quantity of Matching Products will decrease once you enter the product descriptions. We hope it’s at most 20.

Click “View matched products” to proceed to the following step when the filtering process is complete.

Step 3: From the filtered choices, choose your faucet:

You will be shown the faucets that most closely match how you described your faucet in the previous phase at this last step, “Issue.”

The extra effort has already been significantly lessened up to this point. Visually selecting your faucet based on comparisons to many smaller alternatives is now a lot simpler chore.

These buttons will become visible when you move your cursor over the website’s picture of the selected product. If you need assistance with specific issues with the faucet, click “Troubleshoot this product.” Make sure you first write down the model number of your faucet.

If you’re seeking specific specifics, such as the features or specs, click on “View product details” instead.

Step 4: Begin submitting your complaints:

You’ll be questioned if you’re dealing with any of the stated concerns. To learn more about replacements and/or repair options for any kind, please click on any image.

To contact Delta’s customer service department for more instructions, use the “Contact Us” button.

You will be sent a form that has information on their customer service and the specifics of your breakdown. You need to be clear about how you want to be helped from this point on.

We would advise you to phone them personally, though. Speaking about the problem and getting a reaction right away is much better.

Bottom lines:

There you have it, then! We’ve just gone through the basic procedures to identify the model number of your Delta faucet. Just unwind and allow the procedure to do what it is intended to accomplish, making it easy for you to approach their service.

 In addition to having some of the best kitchen faucets available, that is one of the things we appreciate most about Delta.

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