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This article is about the comprehensive guide on how to remove Moen kitchen faucet. Removing faucets sometimes become quite essential as your kitchen faucets start leaking; they become old-fashioned, have less water flow, and have a lot of reasons.

After all, when it comes to cartridge faucets, Moen is the most well-known brand in the market. Almost all types of Moen kitchen faucets may be removed and installed with equal ease. You don’t need to contact a plumber if you wish to remove one or perhaps install a new item in its place.

It takes a few minutes to install a faucet because the technique is straightforward. Making sure you have the proper equipment and materials to remove your faucet is the most crucial step in the procedure.

Diagrammatic view of internal parts of  Moen kitchen faucet

Diagrammatic view of internal parts of  Moen kitchen


Basic parts of Moen kitchen faucets:

  • Aerators: Aerators screw onto faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. The screens’ holes allow air to enter the water as it flows from the faucet. The screens at the end of a faucet are called faucet aerators. The gadgets regulate the stream and reduce water flow from a faucet. 
  • Kit for handle caps: An ornamental cap or bracket on the faucet, known as a handle cap, aids in maintaining water pressure. 
  • Kit & O-Ring for Retaining: An o-ring is one of several components of a faucet. These are employed to stop water leaks near the spout. O-ring replacement is a simple process. 
  • Hose and Spray Head: A nozzle ejected water from the spray head. The spray makes cleaning the items and sinks simpler. On the other hand, a spray hose is used to remove and direct the water’s spray readily. 
  • Handle Screw and Lever Handle: Use the lever handle and handle screw to stop the faucet’s continuous water flow. Controlling the water’s pressure and temperature is also useful. 
  • Diverter: The diverter is used to switch the direction of the water flowing from the faucet’s spout to its sprayer head. Typically, it may be found behind the faucet. 
  • Cartridge Nut and Cartridge: A faucet’s cartridge is a mechanism that aids in controlling water flow. You must first check the faucet cartridge to see if there is a leak. 
  • Gasket Set: Rubber gaskets that firmly seal the faucet must be on every faucet. It keeps the water and other elements back. 
  • Nut & Retaining Kit for Spouts: The faucet’s unique component that transfers water from the body to the sink is this one. The stainless steel is stain-resistant. 

Apparatus for removing Moen kitchen faucet:

Removing the Moen kitchen faucet is too simple. That can be done with a couple of types of equipment, such as: 

How to remove Moen kitchen faucet:

how to remove moen kitchen faucet

If your kitchen faucet has some problems like low water pressure, not proper drainage, rusted water coming out, or you want to install a brand new faucet.

Long-term use of faucets may cause restoration in their rubber gaskets, leading to severe leakage. Apart from these, plenty of reasons could be the reason for removing your faucet.

To successfully remove the faucet, you need to follow proper guidelines.

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to remove Moen kitchen faucet like a professional plumber. Reading the guide till the end will make you a certified plumber that can handle faucet-relating tasks at home. Through this guide, you can save lots of bucks. So let’s get started.

Step 1:

Turn off the water supply:
Close the valve of your water supply. Make sure to turn off both the hot and cold water supply lines.

Step 2:

Dry the pipes and clean them:
Next, you need to dry the wet pipes. Drain off all the water from the valves.

Step 3:

Take out the faucet handle:
In this step, you will need a screwdriver to remove the faucet handles. After removing the handles, you will see a set screw attached. Use the wrench to unscrew the set of screws. By doing this, you will take out the handles easily.

Step 4:

Extract the plastic part:
After removing the handles, you will see a small domed jacket so pull it out with the help of a wrench.

Step 5:

Removing the machinery:
After the plastic part, you need to take out the mechanism. As the handles mechanism control the flow of water. So this step needs extra care; otherwise, you will damage the water control of your faucet.
Some screws secure the machinery so you will need a screwdriver. Once you lose the screws, the macho and with extracted easily.

Step 6:

Removing the white ring:
After removing the mechanism, you will see a white ring underneath. Remove the ring and keep it in a safe place. Without this ring, you can’t be able to set the faucet again. After removing the ring, you will see a washer that you need to remove.

Step 7:

Lifting the spouts:
You can easily lift the spout until you have followed the steps carefully. You can take out the spouts without the help of any tool. Beneath the spout, there is a clip that you can remove with the help of a secure driver. You also have to take out cartridges. Just hold the stem using pliers and spin the faucets to take out the cartridges; if this trick does not work, try to use cartridges pliers to work efficiently.

Tips for successfully removing a Moen Kitchen Faucet:

Removing the faucet is the simplest job requiring basic plumbing knowledge. But you can face some difficulties during the process, especially when doing it for the first time. 

So here are some tricks that can minimize your hurdles and ensure you will complete your task efficiently. 

  • Turn off the water supply: Before proceeding with the faucet removal procedure, you just need to cut off the water supply. Otherwise, removing the screws can be dislodged and fall into the drainage line. You can easily pick up the screws if the water valve is closed. 
  • Get a comfortable pillow: Getting into the sink is not easy. It might be uncomfortable so place a pillow behind your back to go deep down. 
  • Close the cabinet doors: If your cabinet doors keep slamming into your back, especially if the edges are tapered, you’ll get frustrated. Use something heavy to stop the doors from closing in on you to avoid this. 
  • Clean the faucet removed region: Since the prior location is frequently blocked with rust and filth from the old faucet, cleaning the region where the faucet attaches to the sink after disassembly makes installing a new one easier. 


  • How to remove the Moen faucet handle without screws? 

You can remove the faucet handles without screws easily. First, find the cap or button. It is present over the top of the faucet. With the help of a flathead, drill and lift the cap gently. Now you can remove the handle of your faucet. 

  • What is the model number of standard Moen kitsch faucets? 

The model number of Moen kitchen faucets is written on your instruction box. Mostly, you can find the model number on the backside of the spouts. 

  • How can the weight of the Moen kitchen faucet be removed? 

Weights for Moen faucets are offered with clips. To snap the hinge, raise the pin, then move the weight into the proper position.  

To remove screws, use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen them. The screws may be sufficiently loosened to let you move the weight. 

  • How can we install a new Moen kitchen faucet, replace broken components, or reuse old ones? 

Once all of the faucet’s components have been removed, you must choose whether to install a new faucet, repair the existing one, or replace the broken components with new ones. All three will be discussed in this section. It is entirely up to you whatever approach or tactic you use based on the state of your faucet or a previous decision. 

Bottom lines:     

As you may see, it’s simple to comprehend how to take a Moen kitchen faucet apart. You may finish the work effectively if you follow the directions and acquire all required materials. But as practice makes perfect, practice the method before claiming to be an expert.

Perhaps you won’t be able to complete the task correctly on your first try. You will be able to complete home plumbing tasks with ease as you learn from your mistakes.

We wish that you found this information helpful and that we were able to help with the removal.

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