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The main distinction between widespread faucet vs centerset faucet is their design and installation. Talking about widespread faucets separately then, they have separate handles. They are not attached to each other or a base plate. Centerset faucets typically consist of a single piece with handles attached.

Make sure you know all the features and varieties of kitchen faucets before deciding which would best suit your needs in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Kitchen faucets come in a wide variety of styles that you may have never seen before. It is challenging to learn about each one, so you must stay with the choice that looks practical, convenient, and ultimately produces the best results.

  • Widespread faucets feature a distinctive and fashionable style, distinct handles, and no handles attached to the base.
  • Centerset faucets, on the other hand, have a single unit since the handles and the faucet are joined together..

Let’s find out the other differences by reading an ultimate article about widespread faucet vs centerset faucet

Widespread faucets:

Widespread faucets

Widespread faucets come in three independent components, as we said before. Two sections are for handles, and one portion is for the spout. Widespread faucets are highly well-liked because of their adaptability and lovely design.

You may simply change the distance between the spout and the handles by taking measurements of the size and style of your countertop. They come in a range of finishes and design options.


  • The widespread faucet is completely adjustable and may be positioned wherever you choose on the sink or countertop, thanks to its three distinct sections.
  • Numerous designs and styles are available for commonly used faucets.
  • Use a readily accessible faucet to enhance the design of your bathroom.
  • Large in size because of the appropriate distance between the three components, commonly used faucets 
  • They are quite simple to clean due to the large distance between the spout and handles.


  • Not suitable for larger sinks and countertops
  • Difficult to install

Centerset faucets:

Centerset faucets

centerset faucet occupies the smallest possible amount of space and is placed in the middle. Because it is put on a four-inch gap, it is sometimes referred to as a 4-inch spread faucet. Since it is mostly used in bathrooms with limited space, this faucet has been a staple in bathrooms for many years.

The central piece holds the three components together tightly, which typically measures four inches at the spigot handles.

As the centerset faucet is fitted in a three-hole arrangement in the sink or countertop surface, the words “centerset” and “mini-spread” can refer to the precise item. Installation of it is pretty easy.
Perhaps the most popular form of the faucet, centerset faucets come in many styles, finishes, and designs.


  • Several single-unit alternatives with a simple style.
  • It is simple to install and takes little time because it is one piece.
  • Since it takes up less room, it works well in compact bathrooms.
  • Vandalism is less likely to occur since centerset faucets are vandal-proof.


  • It is challenging to clean since there is little room, and the hand cannot reach every area.
  • They are not fancy and have a straightforward design, so they won’t work if you’re seeking anything contemporary.

Significant differences among Widespread vs. Centerset faucets:

It’s a three-piece faucet and comes with two handles and a spout.It’s a single-piece faucet with a spot and handles attached to a single stalk.
It is commonly used in sinks, countertops, and bathrooms.It is effective for bathroom basins and in smaller spaces.
It comes with 8 inches handles but can be adjusted up to 12 inches.The gap between the handles is 4 inches and can be slightly adjusted up to 6 inches.
One handle can be removed and can transform into a single-handle faucet.All handles are joined via a single piece.

To sum up:

The installation and designs of widespread and centerset faucets differ significantly from one another. Widespread faucets are appropriate for large bathrooms and kitchens since they have separate handles, are not attached to a base plate, and take up a lot of space. While the handles and faucets on centerset faucets are joined, they are still one piece. It features two handles and one spout and is set on a base plate.

Single-hole faucets need one-hole installation basins, unlike centerset, widespread, or mini-spread faucets. They are made up of a spout and a single mixing handle.

On the other hand, sink faucets can range from single-handle designs to hot and cold water handles linked to a separate spout and situated on different sides of the sink.

Last but not least, wall-mounted handles need a long spout with a long reach since they are placed above the sink’s counter or freestanding design.


●    Can a centerset sink be used with a broad faucet?

Unlike other features, a faucet’s mounting style must match your sink for proper installation. A vanity made for a widespread faucet won’t accommodate a centerset faucet, and the opposite is true. However, both mounting designs have three holes, making it difficult to distinguish between them quickly.

●    Double handle or single handle? Which faucet is best?

A double-handle faucet includes separate handles for the cold and hot water. You may genuinely modify the faucet temperature in this way.

Additionally, if the handle is bumped, the temperature is less likely to alter abruptly than it may with a single-handle faucet.

●    Widespread faucet vs Centerset, which one is better?

Centerset faucets are the greatest option if you don’t have much room because they simply have one piece. However, if your kitchen is large and has modern decor, a widespread faucet with three different sections is the best choice.

●    What distinguishes centerset faucets from widespread faucets?

The installation method and design make a difference. There are several parts to the widespread faucets. The entire centerset is assembled onto a baseplate as a single piece.

Bottom lines:

The value of having a properly installed and aesthetically pleasing faucet in your house cannot be overstated. Numerous significant benefits come from an appropriate and perfect faucet that is simple to keep clean and maintain.

The discussion of widespread vs centerset faucets concludes this section of the article. You now understand what a broad faucet is, how it works, and why you shouldn’t select one. The centerset faucet is the same way.

Which of the two faucet styles is best, if you’re still wondering, depends on your requirements and kitchen layout.

Given that they are only one piece, centerset faucets are the best alternative if you don’t have much space.
However, a broad faucet with three distinct portions is ideal if your kitchen is large.

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