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Are you sick of removing leftover food from the drainer in your sink? Does your household make a mess when scraping plates into the trash bin? What about attempting to unclog your sink’s drain while removing the overcooked muck from the bottom of your pans and cooking utensils?

The solution to all these problems is installing trash disposal at either a single kitchen sink or one-half of a double sink. Since there is no tie-in for the second sink, dumping on a single sink is considerably easier. With simple hand tools, you can put trash disposal in a single sink in a few hours.

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Steps to Install single bowl sink with garbage disposal

Shut down power supplies:

First, shut off all power and water sources.

You must first detach your sink from its wall. If you turned off the electricity to the surrounding area, that would assist. You must now turn off the water supply to your house.

Take Out Your Old Sink:

You may now start taking out your old sink. Make use of one hammer and one screwdriver to remove the wash bowl. Before you remove your sink, you must take out the screws.

We can use a drill and a single plumber’s snake to remove all the pipes once you’ve taken out the wash basin. We’ll need a tool to pry them apart.

Add a new garbage disposer:

The bottom of the wash basin should now include the garbage disposal flange. To attach, the mount needs a 1/4″ and 3/8″ borehole. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine whether your model must be re-calibrated.

Power The Disposing Gadget With Electricity:

An electrical supply may now be provided to a sewage disposal system. Use your wrench to tighten the nut on it to do this. Connecting your power supply is next. Verify that the plug is inserted firmly. The final step is to turn on your power supply and watch for the garbage disposal to start working.

Check for leakage:

Leaks might be found using the pressure test. Utilize a pressure gauge to look for any leaks. A sink is comparable to a reservoir. You may start the sewage disposal system after filling it completely with water. Water may spill from the wash basin if there is any leak.

Replace Your Drain Component:

The drain component installation comes next. This may be done by using a wrench to tighten your drain pipe.

Fix your faucet:

Lastly, attach your faucet to a sink for washing. Both must be tightened with a wrench. Once you’ve connected it, you may test the faucet. It would be beneficial if you first switched on your water supply.

Please remember that each system type is distinct and can call for a somewhat different fitting method. For correct installation, check the manual before mounting your device.

What is the price of installation?

The price of a single unit depends on the manufacturer or version. Depending on the edition, prices might range from $85. to over $200.

It would be cheaper to install one system yourself because labor might cost anywhere between $80 and $200, depending on who you choose. An average cost of $266 is incurred to purchase a unit and its installation.

Installation is simpler since only one disposal has to be installed in a single-bowl sink. Here are some ideas on how you could handle it on your own. Be bold and call in an expert to handle the installation if it becomes too challenging for you to do on your own.

Why you need to install a garbage disposal with a single bowl sink:

There are a lot of benefits to installing the garbage system with your single sink. If you do not do so, you might have to spend extra time cleaning your wash basin if the waste disposals are broken or not working properly.

Even the wash bowl might become clogged with food debris due to this issue. Owning just one sewage disposal system allows you to reduce how much trash you produce for your landfill, which is healthier for the environment.

Less garbage also means fewer animals finding their way into your trash. To save time cleaning the trash can and worrying about the smell of decomposing rubbish, we should compost as much trash as possible.

Because it won’t obstruct, it is also ecologically beneficial.

Why you should not install a garbage disposal with a single bowl sink:

Every kitchen sink depends on the plumbing. But doing it is a difficult procedure. Numerous plumbing components must be connected for your wash basin to work properly.

And last, for homeowners who have never done this before, this procedure could be terrifying. There are several drawbacks to using this tactic.

It cannot be used with sinks that only have one overflow pipe to start with. It can be broken. Second, you must expand the drain hole in your washbasin to make room for the pipe.

Before replacing the pipe, you must clean its drain hole. This approach is ineffective as a waste disposal mechanism. It would be beneficial if you flushed your toilet regularly and produced a lot of waste.


  • Can a single bowl sink be used with a garbage disposal?

A trash disposal can be put in either a single kitchen sink or one-half of a double sink. Since there is no tie-in for the second sink, installing disposal on a single sink is considerably easier.

  • Can trash disposal be used with any sink?

No, a particular sink is not required to install waste disposal. Some disposals are made to accommodate sinks with 90mm sink holes, the standard diameter for a single sink.

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Bottom lines:

Every disposal system is different and could have a particular process. Before installing the equipment, see the disposal’s manual for instructions on proper installation. The instructions should have aided with the installation.

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