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In the vast universe of online content, guest posting is like finding a hidden treasure chest – it opens doors, builds connections, and propels your voice into the digital symphony. If you’re itching to share your wisdom with the world but are lost in the sea of guest posting opportunities, fear not! This article is your compass, guiding you through the ultimate list of guest posting sites that accept your content and eagerly embrace it. Get ready to embark on a journey that amplifies your reach and connects you with diverse audiences across the digital landscape.

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My Kitchen Faucet

Unveiling the Guest Posting Landscape:

Guest posting is more than just a tactic; it’s a strategic dance in the digital realm. It involves contributing content to other websites to broaden your influence, establish authority, and create meaningful connections. The beauty lies in the interchange – you bring fresh perspectives, and in return, you gain visibility in front of a new audience.

Why Guest Posting Sites Matter:

Imagine a virtual marketplace where each stall represents a guest posting site, catering to a unique crowd. These platforms are gateways to specific niches, beckoning audiences eager for tailored content. From tech enthusiasts to lifestyle lovers, there’s a site for every flavour of expertise.

Navigating the Guest Posting Maze:

Quality Trumps Quantity: Resist the urge to spray and pray. Instead, focus on quality over quantity. Identify guest posting sites aligned with your expertise and resonate with your target audience.

Build Relationships: Guest posting isn’t a one-night stand. Building relationships with site owners and editors is the secret sauce for recurring opportunities. Engage with the community, respond to comments, and let your presence be felt.

Tailor Your Content: One size doesn’t fit all. Tailor your content to each guest posting site’s specific themes and preferences. Your articles should seamlessly blend with the site’s existing content.

The Ultimate List:

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the matter – the curated list of guest posting sites that welcome your brilliance. Each site is a unique portal waiting for your contribution.

Home & Garden Blogs:

My Kitchen Faucet | DA 52 | Home

Overview: My Kitchen Faucet is not just a home-centric blog; it’s a portal to the heart of domesticity. From kitchen design inspirations to faucet innovations, contributors can share their passion for making homes beautiful and functional. You can write for us home decor, faucet, home and kitchen blogs.

Residence Style | DA 65 | Topics: Home design

Overview: Residence Style is a haven for design enthusiasts. Whether it’s exploring the latest trends in home decor or sharing DIY design projects, this platform invites contributors to shape the aesthetic landscape of home design.

Mookychick | DA 56 | Topics: Home

Overview: Mookychick is where creativity meets the cosiness of home. Contributors delve into various topics, from home decor to lifestyle, offering readers a glimpse into the multifaceted world of domestic bliss.

Technology Blogs:

Tech Tads | DA 8 | Topics: Tech, gadgets

Overview: TechTads might be a hidden gem, but it welcomes contributors passionate about tech and gadgets. It’s a space where even the smallest insights can spark big conversations in the tech community.

Venture Beat | DA 91 | Topics: Technology

Overview: Venture Beat is a powerhouse in the tech domain. Contributing here means stepping onto a global stage, where ideas about technology, innovation, and industry trends can resonate with a massive audience.

Site Point | DA 85 | Topics: Web design, technology

Overview: Site Point is a bridge between web design and technology. Contributors can craft content that seamlessly blends the artistry of web design with the robust world of technology, catering to a diverse audience.

Hongkiat | DA 83 | Topics: Web design, technology

Overview: Hongkiat is a playground for tech enthusiasts and design lovers. By contributing here, writers can explore web design and technology intersections, offering valuable insights to a keen audience.

Read Write | DA 75 | Topics: Technology

Overview: Read Write is a melting pot of technology discussions. Contributors can dive into various tech topics, ensuring a dynamic, engaged readership that values well-crafted insights and perspectives.

Colocation America | DA 63 | Topics: Technology

Overview: Colocation America provides a niche space for contributors to delve into the complexities of technology. From discussions about data centres to emerging tech trends, this platform welcomes in-depth explorations.

Techie Event | DA 63 | Topics: Technology, gadgets

Overview: A Techie Event is where tech meets entertainment. Contributors can share their passion for gadgets and tech events, creating a lively space for those who love to stay on the cutting edge.

Banah | DA 61 | Topics: Web design

Overview: Banah focuses on the artistry of web design. Contributors can explore the ever-evolving world of web aesthetics, sharing tips, tricks, and insights that elevate the digital design landscape.

Digifeast | DA 52 | Topics: Technology, gadgets, graphics

Overview: Digifeast is a versatile platform open to contributors interested in technology, gadgets, and graphic design. It’s a hub where creativity meets functionality, offering a canvas for diverse discussions.

Tech Gossips | DA 52 | Topics: Gadgets, technology

Overview: Tech Gossips thrives on the buzz of the tech world. Contributors can indulge in discussions about the latest gadgets and industry happenings, creating a space where tech enthusiasts gather to stay informed.

Tech Lores | DA 47 | Topics: Tech, gadgets

Overview: Tech Lores is a platform that celebrates the lore of technology. Contributors can weave narratives around tech advancements, gadgets, and the evolving stories in the tech realm.

Travel & Tourism Blogs:

Hostel Bookers | DA 69 | Topics: Travel

Overview: Hostel Bookers is more than a travel booking site; it’s a community for travel enthusiasts. Contributors can share their globetrotting experiences, travel tips, and insider insights to inspire fellow wanderers.

Go Abroad | DA 65 | Topics: Travel

Overview: Go Abroad is a platform where contributors can share their adventures and provide practical advice for fellow travellers. This site is a traveller’s haven, from cultural explorations to off-the-beaten-path destinations.

TheplanetD | DA 63 | Topics: Travel

Overview: TheplanetD is where storytelling meets travel. Contributors can paint vivid pictures of their journeys, allowing readers to embark on virtual adventures and discover the world through captivating narratives.

eDreams | DA 58 | Topics: Travel

Overview: eDreams is not just a travel booking site; it’s a space for contributors to share travel hacks, budget-friendly tips, and destination recommendations. It’s where the travel community gathers for insights beyond the ordinary.

LifeYet | DA 58 | Topics: Travel, lifestyle

Overview: LifeYet is a fusion of travel and lifestyle discussions. Contributors can explore how travel influences various aspects of life, offering a holistic view of the connections between exploration and personal growth.

Guest | DA 56 | Topics: Travel, tech, business, finance

Overview: Guest is a diverse platform open to contributors with varied interests. Whether it’s travel escapades, tech musings, or financial insights, this site offers a multidimensional space for expression.

The Travel Bunny | DA 55 | Topics: Travel, travel tips

Overview: The Travel Bunny is a treasure trove for travel enthusiasts seeking inspiration and practical tips. Contributors can share their travel wisdom, ensuring fellow adventurers embark on seamless journeys.

Global Grasshopper | DA 52 | Topics: Travel

Overview: Global Grasshopper is where contributors can spread their wings and explore unconventional travel perspectives. This platform thrives on unique travel narratives from hidden gems to alternative travel routes.

Sports & Fitness Blogs:

Health Line | DA 91 | Topics: Fitness, health

Overview: Health Line is a powerhouse in health and fitness discussions. Contributors can share their expertise, from workout routines to nutritional insights, creating a hub for those on a fitness journey.

Sports Then & Now | DA 55 | Topics: Sports

Overview: Sports Then & Now is a playground for sports enthusiasts. Contributors can dive into the history of sports, analyze current events, and share their passion for the games that unite fans worldwide.

Hupots | DA 54 | Topics: Sports

Overview: Hupots is a dynamic space where contributors can discuss various sports topics. From in-depth analyses to passionate discussions, this platform caters to sports fans hungry for diverse perspectives.

Outingvibe | DA 51 | Topics: Sports, fitness

Overview: Outing vibe is where sports and fitness converge. Contributors can explore the synergy between an active lifestyle and sports culture, offering insights that resonate with those seeking holistic well-being.

Off the Post | DA 50 | Topics: Sports

Overview: Off the Post is a goalpost for football enthusiasts. Contributors can delve into soccer, share match analyses, and discuss the global football community, creating a space for passionate fans.

Sports Networker | DA 44 | Topics: Sports

Overview: Sports Networker is more than a platform; it’s a networking hub for sports professionals and enthusiasts. Contributors can share insights into the sports industry, creating valuable connections.

Miska | DA 43 | Topics: Health, technology, lifestyle

Overview: Miska is a multifaceted platform that embraces health, technology, and lifestyle discussions. Contributors can explore the intersections between these diverse topics, creating a space for well-rounded insights.

Business & Industrial Blogs:

Safety Kicks | DA 4| Topics: Safety Shoes, Safety Blogs

Overview: Safety Kicks is a platform focusing on safety shoes and industrial safety. Contributors can share expertise on safety gear, creating a valuable resource for those navigating the industrial landscape.

Forbes | DA 94 | Topics: Business

Overview: Forbes needs no introduction; it’s a pinnacle in business discussions. Contributors can share their business acumen, industry insights, and thought leadership, reaching a global audience of business professionals.

Fast Company | DA 91 | Topics: Business, finance, technology

Overview: Fast Company is a dynamic platform at the intersection of business, finance, and technology. Contributors can explore the evolving landscape of the business world, offering perspectives that align with innovation.

Addicted 2 Success | DA 64 | Topics: Entrepreneurship

Overview: Addicted 2 Success is where entrepreneurship meets inspiration. Contributors can share their entrepreneurial journeys, business strategies, and motivational insights, creating a space for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Killer Startups | DA 60 | Topics: Entrepreneur

Overview: Killer Startups is a launchpad for entrepreneurial discussions. Contributors can explore startup culture, share success stories, and offer valuable advice to those navigating the challenging yet rewarding world of entrepreneurship.

WebCube360 | DA 55 | Topics: Tech, SEO, gaming

Overview: WebCube360 is a versatile platform covering tech, SEO, and gaming. Contributors can dive into discussions about the ever-evolving digital landscape, offering insights that cater to tech enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Health Blogs:

Psychology Today | DA 92 | Topics: Psychology, self-improvement

Overview: Psychology Today is a beacon in the realm of mental health. Contributors can share their expertise in psychology and self-improvement, creating a space for discussions that contribute to holistic well-being.

Life Hack | DA 88 | Topics: Self-improvement

Overview: Life Hack is a treasure trove of self-improvement insights. Contributors can share life hacks, personal development strategies, and motivational content, creating a space for readers seeking positive transformation.

One Green Planet | DA 73 | Topics: Environment, Health, Food

Overview: One Green Planet is where health intersects with environmental consciousness. Contributors can explore the connections between a plant-based lifestyle, health, and sustainable living, creating a space for eco-conscious individuals.

Chivmen | DA 70 | Topics: Lifestyle, health

Overview: Chivmen is a dynamic platform covering lifestyle and health discussions. Contributors can explore the synergy between a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being, offering insights that resonate with a diverse audience.

Pick The Brain | DA 64 | Topics: Self-improvement

Overview: Pick The Brain is a space for deep introspection and self-improvement. Contributors can share their personal growth journeys, offering readers valuable insights and actionable steps toward a more fulfilling life.

Well-BeingSecrets | DA 56 | Topics: Well-being

Overview: Well-BeingSecrets is a sanctuary for well-being discussions. Contributors can explore topics ranging from physical health to mental well-being, creating a holistic space for readers seeking comprehensive insights.


In the grand tapestry of guest posting, this ultimate list is your passport to new realms of influence and connection. With curated insights and relationships blooming, you’re equipped to make a lasting impact. So, go forth, fellow wordsmith, and let your voice echo across the digital horizon. Happy guest posting!

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