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What distinguishes Hansgrohe from Grohe? These are two distinct brands, even though their names may give you pause. Each has a distinct identity. 

Therefore, none is inferior to the other. You will discover more about the histories of both businesses through this page. What they share, their top sellers, and how to decide between them. 

Here is the clash of Grohe vs Hansgrohe.

What’s special in Grohe and Hansgrohe:

Grohe or Hansgrohe is renowned for consistently working to create innovative new fixtures and solutions for kitchens and bathrooms. Engineers create cutting-edge kitchen and bath fixtures at the Hansgrohe InnoLab to improve clients’ lives. Hansgrohe is renowned for its click technologies, attractive two-in-one fixtures, exquisite bathroom designs, and ground-breaking hand shower and wall bar items. Important developments include:

Grohe vs Hansgrohe!


We begin with Hansgrohe, established in 1901 (thus the name). The business was founded as a metal pressing mill in Hitachi, Germany. Although the company’s headquarters are still in Schiltach, it has expanded into other regions.

  • The larger-feeling water droplets created by AirPower technology make showering more enjoyable while using less water.
  • The exterior shower components are kept cold by CoolContact technology to prevent burns for you and your family from the hot water.
  • To prevent wasting hot water, CoolStart taps start with cold water. When prepared, pull the lever to turn on the hot water immediately.
  • Water use for showerheads and faucets using EcoSmart technology is reduced to 9 and 5 liters per minute, respectively.
  • Pontos is made to find water damage and respond to it. Products equipped with this technology can assist you in avoiding repairs and maintaining the condition of your property.
  • Showers become sensory experiences thanks to RainTunes, which incorporates video, music, light, and aroma. For a more advanced shower experience, select a RainTunes scenario.
  • XXL Performance makes showerheads bigger in diameter for a more realistic downpour shower. EcoSmart models enable you to conserve water while using them.
  • With operations in Germany, China, France, and the USA, the corporation has a footprint in production worldwide. 
  • Customers may choose from a large selection of Hansgrohe’s high-quality kitchen and bathroom goods. Foreign sales account for almost 80% of the total product turnover.


The establishment of Grohe in 1936 laid the foundation for the firm. The corporation bought several new businesses during the next years, each of which improved Grohe’s knowledge and expertise. Grohe has established a name as a tap maker since its founding.

Hansgrohe was founded first, then Grohe followed. Friedrich Grohe quit the business as Hansgrohe started to expand internationally. He took over a sanitary goods plant in Westphalia after departing. 

There, they started making bathroom accessories, and Grohe was created.

  • Specialists at the Grohe Design Studio concentrate on creating clever solutions that enable consumers to appreciate water more. In addition to its pioneering faucet designs, Grohe is renowned for its cutting-edge fittings, comfortable layouts, and eco-friendly goods. Important technologies are:
  • Without the need for bottles or external filters, blue technology cleans the water coming out of your kitchen faucet so you may drink it. For chilly glasses of fizzy water, indigo can also chill or foam your water.
  • You won’t have to worry about being burned when altering the temperature, thanks to CoolTouch technology, which keeps hot water away from the thermostat.
  • The purpose of sensor technology is to retain water in its proper place. This sensor may turn off the water to stop damage from a burst pipe or a significant leak while detecting leaks and impending frost. Additionally, it can detect high humidity levels and aid in defending your property from harm caused by this.


  • Do Grohe and Hansgrohe belong to the same company or organization?

Due to the similarities of these firms’ names, many people wonder if they are the same business. No, is the response. Despite the names being similar, the two companies are fundamentally distinct since Grohe appears in both names, and they are both German firms.

  • What is the connection between Grohe and Hansgrohe?

The same family was connected to both firms even if they were nominally separate. Despite some rumors, the parting was not caused by ill will. We’re here to talk about not someone’s family drama but a head-to-head comparison of these brands. Let’s examine the distinctions between the two without further ado.

  • Is Grohe a High-End Company?

Grohe is regarded as a luxury brand, indeed. The business specializes in kitchen fixtures and different bathroom solutions and is a major brand internationally. Their goods blend excellent elegance, cutting-edge design, and cutting-edge technology.

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These businesses hold on when attaching a high price tag to their goods. The price range for Grohe taps ranges from $75 to $2,100. On the other hand, Hansgrohe taps have a starting price of $80 and a maximum price of $1,500.

Showerheads from these companies are more reasonably priced than their taps. Hansgrohe showers vary from $35 to $1000, whereas Grohe showers start at $13 and go up to $720.

Prices are very regular because these are premium, high-quality products.

Final words:

Grohe and Hansgrohe, two significant players in the bathroom industry, both provide items of comparable quality. At the same time, Grohe focuses on timeless designs, careful planning, and outstanding user safety. Hansgrohe favors innovations, a unique, often costly design, and conserving water. Whether you decide to trust Grohe vs Hansgrohe, both provide high-caliber and resilience items.

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