Widespread vs Centerset Faucet Which Style Reigns Supreme?

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widespread vs centerset faucet

A variety of things influence your home’s design. We occasionally disregard our comfort zone to maintain the opulent aspect of our property. Our kitchen and bathroom faucets originate from there.

Unfortunately, we just choose the most opulent, costly, and well-liked faucet without giving it any thought.
How does something you do not enjoy but find attractive help you achieve the amount of peacefulness you desire in your home’s bathroom?

Your home’s bathroom faucets are a crucial component. You need them for brushing, washing, cleaning, and other tasks.

Fortunately, there are many choices on the market, from widespread to censterset faucets.
Nevertheless, picking the best one for your residence is challenging.

It is hard to determine which is preferable, if widespread vs centerset faucet configurations are equivalent, which one to select, and what distinguishes them from another.

For ordinary folks, both faucet types appear the same, but the fact is quite different to a professional.
Both faucet types have advantages and disadvantages, so you must choose the right type you require based on its suitability for various uses.

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It’s an issue when you don’t understand the fundamentals. So, don’t worry. We’ve got your back and thoroughly compare widespread and centerset faucets. Which faucet is the best?

To find out which type will work best for you, read the article up to the conclusion.

What are Centerset faucets:

Centerset faucets

A faucet whose all components are connected to one central piece is called a centerset faucet. Installation is straightforward because there are no separate parts to worry about, and the spigot and handles will rely on the same part.

The middle portion, which frequently measures four inches at the spigot handles, holds the three components closely together.

Centerset and mini-spread faucets are two terms that can be used to describe the exact item as the centerset faucet is installed in a three-hole configuration in the sink or the countertop surface. Its installation is very simple.

Perhaps centerset faucets are the most common type of faucet and are available in plenty of styles, finishes, and designs in the market.

What’s best about Centerset faucets:

We wanted to make your choosing process simple and easy. That’s why we are highlighting the pros of both faucets. If its pros match your requirement for your home faucet, consider it a recommendation from our side.

We hope our thorough analysis and list of advantages and disadvantages will help you decide. So, bear these things in mind when buying a house faucet. So let’s get into the game:

Sturdy design:

Centerset faucets are ideal for smaller spaces. It has a small but durable design that will look great in your bathroom.

Convenient installation:

Centerset faucets are very easy to install. You can even also install it in your bathroom with professional assistance.

Plenty of design:

Centerset faucets are available in various designs. Its manufacturers love to create faucets in different styles. You will get options in design from simple and modern to traditional ones.

Conserve space

Centerset faucets often conserve room since they are fitted compactly, which benefits those with tiny basins and sinks.

Additionally, the handles have a tiny gap of roughly 4 inches, which enables them to be handy in tight situations.

The largest size of centerset faucets is roughly 6 inches and is mainly made to fit in counter holes and precut sinks. Comparatively speaking to other kinds of faucets, Centerset is the best when you need faucets for smaller areas.

Extremely reasonable

Even if there aren’t many variations of the most popular and traditional faucets, centersets are still quite accessible and reasonably priced.

They may be purchased with either a single handle or a double handle, which are simple to fix.
Moreover, it is very simple to install, so you don’t need a plumber that can double your cost.

What is worst about Centerset faucets:

Not very fancy.

They might not be the finest option if you’re searching for a sophisticated design because they are plain and good.

Arduous to clean

It’s challenging to clean them because they come in one piece. They are prone to corrosion, grime, and other debris.

What are widespread faucets?

widespread faucets

Widespread faucets often have two interchangeable handles and come in three sections to make getting hot or cold water easier. The handles and spout may function rather independently.

The spread often refers to the separation between mounting holes. These faucets may be installed on worktops or sinks but can also be utilized in bathrooms.

What’s best about widespread faucets:


When selecting faucets, flexibility is a factor to consider. Being flexible implies you have some room to maneuver. Widespread faucets allow you to install the handles on the wall and in the corner, further apart.

Concealed connections

Under the tabletop, where all the connections and plumbing are hidden, the benchtop has a classic appearance.

Extensive range of designs

Widespread faucets come in a broad range of design possibilities. With a matching faucet, you can easily upgrade your bathroom with matte finishes, glossy metal, and various forms. These faucets are the only ones still available with a vintage spigot appearance appropriate for historical repairs.

Easy to clean:

It is simple to wipe up spills and keep a broad faucet clean since there is enough room between the spout and each handle.

Additionally, they don’t have many tight spaces or places, making it simple to see dirt buildup and clean them as needed. Cleaning is also easier due to its larger size.

What’s worst about widespread faucets:


Widespread faucets offer excellent versatility, a wide range of design and style options, and simple spacing. But because of these beautiful features, they are highly pricey and might not be feasible for someone trying to cut money.

They are costly over the long run to install and repair in addition to the initial cost of purchasing.

Not easy to install.

Learning how to repair each handle and the spout as needed may be challenging and time-consuming because broad faucets are made up of three separate elements.
Since some plumbers have to do the installation process more than once, you may expect to pay extra.

Significant differences among Widespread vs Centerset Faucet

It’s a three-piece faucet and comes with two handles and a spout. It’s a single-piece faucet with a spot and handles attached to a single stalk. 
It is commonly used in sinks, countertops, and bathrooms. It is effective for bathroom basins and in smaller spaces. 
It comes with 8 inches handles but can be adjusted up to 12 inches. The gap between the handles is 4 inches and can be slightly adjusted up to 6 inches. 
One handle can be removed and can transform into a single-handle faucet. All handles are joined via a single piece. 

It’s difficult to renovate a residence. In reality, it’s the most challenging work to complete, especially when you have to select between several possibilities and are unsure which one is the best to take into account.  

Therefore, if you know the characteristics and peculiarities of faucets, it’s easy for you to decide whether you need to buy them or not. 

Let’s discuss widespread vs. centerset faucets and when you need them. 

When to choose Widespread faucets: 

It is suitable for the following regions: 

  • Large spaces 
  • 6 inches mounted holes 
  • As a corner-mounted faucet 
  • Having a high budget. 

When to choose Centerset faucets: 

It is suitable for the following areas of need: 

  • Drop-in sinks 
  • Less than 6 inches of mounted holes 
  • Need small faucets 
  • Center mounted faucets 
  • Having low budget 


  • How large is a faucet with a centerset? 

The majority of centerset faucets measure 4 inches. To achieve the ideal measurement for replacement, measure the distance between the outside mounting holes and the center. 

  • What distinguishes centerset faucets from widespread faucets? 

The installation method and design make a difference. There are several parts to the widespread faucets. The entire center set is assembled onto a baseplate as a single piece. 

  • Widespread vs. Centerest, which one is better? 

Centerset faucets are the greatest option if you don’t have much room because they simply have one piece. However, if your kitchen is large and has modern decor, a widespread faucet with three different sections is the best choice. 

Bottom lines:         

You cannot underestimate the essence of having a well-fitted and attractive faucet in your home. An ideal and suitable faucet that is easy to clean and maintain provides many tremendous advantages.

The debate about widespread vs. centerset faucets is ending now throughout the article. You now know what is widespread faucet what it uses, and why you don’t need to choose it. The same goes for the centerset faucet.

If you are still wondering which of the two faucet types is better, the answer depends on your needs and kitchen design.

Centerset faucets are the most fantastic option if you don’t have much room because they have one piece.

However, a broad faucet with three different sections is the best choice if your kitchen is large and has modern decor.

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