Easy DIY: Removing Moen Faucet Handle without Screws

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How to remove Moen faucet handle without screws

How to remove Moen faucet handle without screws is considered to be rocket science among nonprofessionals. Although we will give you the solution to this unsolved puzzle before that, let’s discuss the need and importance of your home faucets.

The major object in our houses that is used frequently is the faucet. Perhaps they are probably the most ignored household item. Even though we use them for everything from cleaning the dishes to brushing our teeth, apart from it, they can significantly affect the looks of our bathroom and kitchen and are responsible for our overall home appearance.

Do you have a kitchen faucet that needs repair? Perhaps the cartridge or filter in your faucet needs to be changed. You could also want to clean the interior of your faucet or look for leaks.
You must take out the handle to resolve any of these problems.

Removing a faucet handle without a screw can be difficult, especially if you’ve never done it before.
No worries, let’s remove the Moen faucet handles without screws with us.

How to remove faucet handle with screws:

How to remove Moen faucet handle without screws

Regarding faucet designs, there are numerous options, and they may either make a space look dated or more modern. The Moen type of faucet is the most prevalent in the US.

We frequently like renovating or thoroughly cleaning our homes throughout the year. We could even be required to repair a broken faucet, but how simple is replacing them? Is there a secure method to swap them out without risking a leak or harm?

This post will examine the most secure method of unscrewing a Moen faucet handle.

Step no.1: Open the faucet handles:

The first thing you need to do is grab the wrench. Through the wrench, help and grab the faucet from down and twist the wrench in a clockwise direction. Through twisting, the faucet handles will unfasten and open.

Sep no.2: Removing the spouts:

In the second step, twist the stopper clockwise and unfasten the rod. Once the rod is unfastened, pull it out from the top slowly. Furthermore, insert a 5.5mm hex key in the hole where the stopper was. Make sure it is tight turn the key clockwise to unfasten the set screw and remove the spout.

Step no.3: dismantle the faucet:

This step is very important and needs some professional skills. It’s okay if you don’t have to follow the steps carefully. When the spout is removed, move to the next setscrew, and unfasten it through the hex key again. Once all the screws are removed, the faucet cartridges will be shaky, moving, and wobbly.

Step no.4: Last step:

In the last step, take out the C-clips. It’s done after unfastening all screws. Then look at the handles and find the c-clip. Take them out by using a flat-headed screwdriver.

How to remove Moen faucet handle without screws:

The removal process of Moen faucets is comparatively easier than a faucet with screws. It’s a piece of cake because we have learned to remove the faucet handles with secrets. Now it’s time to move through the handles without screws.

 Are you ready? Good, let’s get into it: 

Step no.1: Find the Caps or Buttons: 

Moen faucet handles are without screws and are fixed with caps or buttons. Therefore in the first step, you need to find the caps or buttons. Look around the faucet handles and check the caps with the help of your hands. You will surely find them in minutes. 

Step no.2: Taking the cap out: 

You will need a screwdriver to take the cap out. But remember that the caps are fragile, and you must insert the screwdriver very carefully. When changing the cartridge, it required to turn off the water supply.  

Remove the cap or button to remove the tape. Take the help of a wrench exactly the size of the screw. Screws might enter the drainage hole because of their tiny size. Until the screw is removed, always keep the screw hole covered. 

Step no.3: Pulling out the screws: 

While popping out the screws, you will see screws underneath. Then pull the screw out with the use of a screwdriver. 

Step no.4: Last step: 

Once you have completed step no.3 successfully, then you will see your faucet handle is free. You can pull the handle with bare hands and remove it. But you can’t do the job with your hands; use faucet handle pullers to remove the handle. After removing the handle, you could discover mineral deposits left behind. It is advised to use lemon or white vinegar to get rid of minerals. 

See, it is the easiest task ever. Even a non-professional or a housewife can take the faucet handle out and save half your money on repairing it. 

Click on the below link to practically see how to remove Meon faucet handles without screws: 

How to remove the double faucet handle without screws: 

double faucet handle
  • A double-handle faucet’s handles may be taken off rather easily. 
  • First, turn off the water, ensuring that each supply line has been stopped. 
  • Hold the handle in place after that. Rotate the base in the other direction at the same time. 
  • This ought to enable you to take it off, revealing the screw.  
  • You will need the proper size of Phillips head screwdriver to remove it because, in most cases, it is a Phillips head screw.  
  • The screw may be removed to reveal the cartridge.  
  • Use needle-nosed pliers to grasp it and raise it if you need to remove it, say to install a new cartridge. 

Although it can be a little more difficult, there isn’t a simpler approach. Call the plumber immediately to prevent further disasters if you’re having issues. 

Safety measures: 


There are many different designs and types of bathroom faucets. These handles have a variety of uses in addition to keeping the faucet in place and dispensing water. One shouldn’t underestimate their ornamental significance, given how attractive they are. 

Since they are aesthetically beautiful, smooth handles are more appealing and enhance the appearance of the sink. Due to its serviceability, removing their handles without using any screws may be sufficient. 

If you want to ensure you won’t damage your bathroom faucet. Then you need to read these safety instructions before working on the faucet.  

After then, you will not depend on plumbers for any house repairs you need to do. By taking a few quick actions, you may save future hassles. 

Disconnect the Water 

Before disassembling to remove the faucet handle without a screw, you must turn off the water to solve this issue. Sometimes, a faucet may leak while the water is running; turning it back on will cure the problem if you turn off the water. Turning off the water supply might also address the issue if the valve body is broken or damaged. 

Shut Off the Drain 

It may include a variety of tools and tiny components. When something falls into the drain or out of the entrance, it is preferable to cover it with a tiny towel to catch it or to seal the drain when no tools are being used. However, it will undoubtedly take more time and work if you also need to disassemble the drain. 

Safeguard your faucet 

The finish of your fixtures will be safeguarded by a gripping tool when you need to utilize tools like pliers. Avoid hard handling, scraping, or gouging. The finish on your faucet or handles is usually preferable, so work with them gently. 


  • How can handles on faucets be removed if there are no screws? 

Using an Allen wrench is necessary to remove moen faucet handles without screws. The handle should normally be able to be taken off once you’ve loosened it. 

  • How can we tighten the handle on a Moen faucet? 

After removing the handle, the screw holding the stem in place will be accessible for you to tighten, making this a rather simple task. 

  • Is all the Moen shower cartridges are same? 

The cartridges used in the Moen 1222 and 1222B are identical. Despite having distinct model numbers and packaging, they are constructed from the same components. 

Bottom lines:  

Now you know how to remove Meon faucet handles without screws. After reading the whole article, you can take the hold off a kitchen or bathroom sink faucet when you do not see any screws.

With this information, you can independently perform many plumbing-related home maintenance and improvement tasks without incurring additional costs or inconveniences.

You can apply this faucet handle by removing instructions on faucets from well-known faucet producers, including Moen, Kohler, Delta, and others.

But if you’re still having trouble, you may ask for assistance from the company’s customer support team that made your faucet. Also, you can take the help of any local plumber to prevent further disaster.


We hope this writing has given you more confidence to complete this task yourself. Without realizing it, one of the most significant aspects of your home is the faucets. To keep a decent routine around the house, you must have them in top shape.
Make cautious to recognize any problems as they emerge since leaky faucets can lead to more serious problems and become expensive.

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