Kitchen faucet’s main function is to dispense hot and cold water for various kitchen functions like washing, cleaning and cooking.

Beyond that, it also plays a major part in adding on to the style of your kitchen design. With all of the options available in design, finish and mounting styles, it’s easy to get confused when choosing a faucet.

By looking at the following broad criteria, you can choose a faucet that meets your requirements.

Factors To Consider

1.  Mounting styles

There are 3 categories here:

  • Sink mounted faucet – If you are reusing your existing sink, look at the mounting holes in your sink and buy a faucet that require the same or lesser number of mounting holes. The extra holes can be covered with a deck plate
  • Deck mounted faucet – Here the faucet is mounted directly on the kitchen countertop. It is advisable to leave a couple of inches behind the sink for cleaning purposes.
  • Wall mounted faucet – These must be carefully set up, adjusting distance to the sink and tackling freezing in colder climates.

2.  Number of handles in the faucets

There are 3 categories here as well:

  • Single Handle faucet – There is just one handle here to regulate the water flow. Up-down motion regulates the flow and the side to side motion regulates temperature. Requires mounting one hole for installation.
  • Double Handle faucet – There are 2 handles to regulate hot and cold water flow. They require 3 mounting holes for installations. Regulates temperature of water better.
  • Hands Free faucet – The water flow is activated by a sensor. There is a handle to preset the temperature and default water flow.

3.  Finishes and Materials

Chrome, nickel, stainless steel, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze white and black are some of the standard finishes and colors. The materials and finishing must be durable, stain free and corrosion free.

4.  Style

The style of the faucet can be sleek and contemporary or classic. Styles can be simple with clean lines, curves or angled. Pick a style that suits your kitchen décor.

Some Of The Top Rated Products In The Market For Some Of The Criteria Discussed Before

Sink mounted faucet

Moen 5923 Kitchen Faucet is the highest ratedsink-mounted faucet in the market. Installation is easy. Pull-down design offers easy water delivery and one handle feature makes temperature control easy. Several water flow options are available for everyday cleaning and heavy-duty cleaning.

Deck mounted faucet

The Kraus Mateo Kitchen faucet is an excellent deck mounted faucet. Its clean design and clean lines along with enhanced functionality like switching between aerated stream and spray make it a must buy. The installation is easy and the material is top class.

Wall mounted faucet

The Kohler K-7338-4-BS Brushed stainless kitchen faucet is a double handle faucet with traditional and utilitarian design and its solid stainless steel construction guarantees aesthetics and durability.

Single Handle Faucet

Moen 7175 Level One handle faucet has a high arc spout that provides more clearance and the single-hole mount makes it easy to install. It is a highly rated and is a good buy in this category.

Double Handle Faucet

Delta 21966LF SS is a great double handle faucet with a rotating spout for greater reachability and high spout for high pots and kitchenware. The finishing is classic and installation is simple.

Hands Free Faucet

Moen 7495E is a sleek, touch-less faucet with sensors that control water flow. The installation is more difficult than a normal faucet, due to the installation of a control box. But it is a wonderful product and you will never have an overflowing sink.

Contemporary design

Grohe 32 319 kitchen sink faucet is the most popular in this category, with a sleek and clean design and it comes with installation hardware. This will compliment a modern décor in your kitchen.

Antique design

The Delta 9178-RB-DST Leland faucet is a great buy if you are looking for a Venetian bronze look for your kitchen.

Moen Brantford 7185ORB is a great faucet as well in Oil Rubbed bronze.

A lot of the above faucets work well in multiple categories. For example, the Moen 5995 SRS is a contemporary and single handle and sink mounted faucet. Another factor that needs to be considered is the budget. A faucet to replace a damaged one or a faucet while remodeling are very different purchase. Choose one that meets all your requirements.

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